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英语演讲稿中学生9篇 中学生英语演讲稿大全 正能量

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英语演讲稿中学生9篇 中学生英语演讲稿大全 正能量

  一份演讲稿的内容除了要围绕中心观点之外,最重要的还需要看具体的场合和听众的接受水平,你的演讲稿准备得怎么样了?下面是范文网小编收集的英语演讲稿中学生9篇 中学生英语演讲稿大全 正能量,以供参考。

英语演讲稿中学生9篇 中学生英语演讲稿大全 正能量


  凯尔特人(Celtic)相信太阳神帮助他们种植农作物。但是,每年太阳神都会被一个名叫Samhain的邪恶力量攻击并被囚禁六个月。Samhain,还有两个称号,分别是"Lord ofDead(死亡领主)"以及"Prince of Darkness(暗黑王子)",他带着寒冷以及黑暗的冬天来到凯尔特人的土地。



  Celtic believed that the sun god helped them grow crops. But each year thesun god is attacked by an evil force called Samhain and spent six months incaptivity. Samhain, and two other titles, "Lord of Dead" and "Prince ofDarkness", came to Celtic land with cold and dark winters.

  The celts are very afraid of the night of October 31, because they feellike there's a bunch of evil souls lurking everywhere. They set fire to theirhome to let evil spirits leave their homes. (the last untranslated paragraph wasthat the flames could frighten the ghost away.) They believed Samhain had calledthe dead, and they believed that Samhain would turn the dead into somethingelse, like a cat. The celts will be disguising their evil spirits with terribledisguises. (this is the prototype for Halloween.)

  Then Rome took over the Celtic lands and put the Roman holiday togetherwith the Celtic Samhain festival on October 31, and it was now Halloween.


  Miss Li is my Chinese teacher . She is about thirty years old . She is verypretty and young . Her hair is brown and curly .

  Miss Li always wears a blue coat . I think her favourite colour will beblue .

  Miss Li is very friendly and kindly .Her classes are very interesting ,weall like to have Chinese class .

  She always smiles when she speak to us .Sometimes she is very strict withus,when we make a mistake,she often makes us stand up .


  Miss Li often sticks to have lessons when she is ill , She looked weak,butstill beautiful .


  Miss Li love us very much, she teaches us so carefully .I think she is agood teacher. We all love her,too .



  I think teachers are like candles , giving off light for others by burningthemselves .


  We should learn to stick to our life no matter how difficult the life is and we should learn to love others .It is the flim tellsx me .

  It is a story talks about a black girl named Precious .Precious isx fat and not beautiful. Her bad temped mother never workx, always cheated others to relieve her ,and atex while watching TV all day.What is worse ,Precious was only 16,but she had pregnant for twice .Out of assumption ,her child is her farther ''s child .Living in this life ,she alawys imagine to avoid facing her life .Fortunately,with the help and careneof the teacher and doctor ,her life became not so bad .

  Precious has a tough life ,and if she gives up her life and does not join the adult education ,she will not meet the teacher and her life may not be changed .When we xfaced with the difficulty x,avoidingx is not a good way for us. It can not solve the problems.What we need to do is that analying the cause and trying to changed our place .So we should be brave and face the trap directly.

  The film also teachs us to love others.Precious is someone who may exit near us .If precious own a good family and some friends,she may not fell so despaired. In spite of the development of our world ,there still many people suject misfortune.love and help can make them fell better ,so we should not scant our love .


  Hello! My dear friends! First, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Wu Dongxiang and my friend usually call me Kina. I'm a 20-year-old girl who comes from Guilin Guangxi China. It’s known to all,Guilin is a beautiful city in China. Have you ever been to Guilin? If the answer is no, don"t warry about it. Please come on, I am very glad to be you guide .Welcome to our city!

  In my college, I majored in Tourism and English. I want to be a tour guide when I graduate from my college. Because I'm a lovely girl and I like to travel to different places. I have about ten courses to learn this term. What about you?

  I have a lot of hobbies. In my spare time, I often go sightseeing, play badminton and go out running. Sometimes go shopping or stay at home. I also like reading and planting flowers. Do you have the same hobby with me?If you want to talk with me, please send me an E-mail.My E -mail :I 'm looking forward to seeing you!


  Some people say, you like. Our little progress and a little bit of resultsall gather the sweat of your hard work. Do you like the ship, led us to the seaof knowledge. Do you like hard gardener, to spread the knowledge of the rainevery day, we are nourishing the young trees.

  You, whether it is frustrated or happy, you will always be accompanied bythe light of our. Teacher, why are you for nothing? You needn't have stayed uplate into the night without holding the mark; the exhausted body to ussmile.

  Teacher, you are a construction worker, we are brick, you use the sweat tobuild us a house. Teacher, although you have no earth shattering performance.However, you to our growth not gave up how many days off endured many sleeplessnights, as you are a candle, burning themselves, others lit, you in a lifetimeof effort to cultivate our these flowers, the teacher is human soulengineer!

  Teacher I want to say to you: "dear teacher, I thank you! I am verygrateful to you to accompany us through this turning point in life, toilluminate the road ahead of us."






  we deep in the years to write a glorious. In global view shows choice of the Chinese road of national rejuvenation; concentrated panorama in history."

  Around the millennium change, eventful years, Chinese new century, great turning point, span, the future of six theme, reflects China's great achievements since 1840,

  arduous and tortuous road of revitalization of the nation and the Chinese people made in China under the leadership of the Communist party. The "shock" "excited" tears ""……

  This is my watch, taste right is felt when discourse. Process of reading and rejuvenation of the great,

  I reviewed the history of the Chinese nation 100 years the dream of power and unremitting exploration. Full and accurate historical data, magnificent momentum, a language, a precious historical pictures,

  shows a picture of the world national revival.





  Halloween (Halloween) (also called Halloween, Halloween) on October 31 ofeach year, is a traditional festival of the English speaking world, mainly inNorth America, the British Isles, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. That nightthe child would wear a costume, mask and go from house to house collectingcandy. The Chinese region often mistakenly calls Halloween a Halloween.

  "Halloween", an abbreviation of "AllHallowEve," refers to the eve ofAllHallowEve, which is called "ChristmasEve" on Christmas Eve. "Hallow" isderived from middle English halwen with holy etymology is very close, some areasin Scotland and Canada, Halloween is still known as "AllHallowMas", meaning isin memory of all saints (Hallow) on that day, to a Mass (Mass).

  Halloween is usually associated with something different. Traditionally,Halloween is considered to be the closest thing to human life in the world, andthe legend is similar to that of China's elam. The Minnesota city of Anoka,which claims to be the "Halloween capital of the world", holds a huge paradeevery year.


  every friend! have you heard of white dream ?perhaps , you think hope isgreen, youth is red, and dream is only natural gold!but , i think medicalworkers' dream is white.

  you're likely to say : white stands for blank,white symbolizes poverty.but, i will tell you white also signifies creation! white also is the embodimentof vast and pureness.

  people usually speak highly of medical workers as angels in white. becausein their mind , medical workers are upright , kind, selfless and friendly.

  despite the rumour and social prejudice, nantingger gave up her richphysical life, firmly, committing herself to nusing career. in this way, shedestronmasted the glory of white dream.

  benqiuen strode over country boundaries, devoting himself to medical careerwithout hestion.

  extremly beautiful scenery often exists in dangerous and highmountains.extremly grand music is always dismal. extremly noble life frequentlylies in heroic sacrifice.in a sense, isn't medical workers' job great? if onecan sacrifice his life for human,isn't he or she happy? as it going: if thereisn't inveteracy,there isn't prosperous leaves and sweet-smelling flowers, ifthere isn't headstream and flowing water, thereisn't rapids and waterfall, ifthere isn't medical workers' hard work, there isn't good and healthy life ofpeople.


  Christmas Day-December 25-which celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ, the founder of the Christian religion, is the biggest and best-loved holiday in the Christian World.

  According to the Bible, the holy book of Christians, God decided to allow his only son, Jesus Christ, to be born to a human mother and live on earth so that people could understand God better and learn to love God and each other more. "Christmas"- meaning "celebration of Christ "- honors the time when Jesus was born to a young Jewish woman Mary.

  Mary was engaged to be married to Joseph, a carpenter, but before they came together, she was found to be with child. Because Joseph, her husband, was a righteous man and did not want to expose her to public disgrace, he had in mind to divorce her quietly.

  But after he had considered this, an angel of the Lord appeared to him in a dream and said, "Do not be afraid to take Mary home as your wife, because what is conceived in her is from the Holy Spirit. She will give birth to a son, and you are to give him the name Jesus, because he will save his people from their sins."

  Although the exact date of the birth of Jesus nearly 2,000 years ago is not known, the calendar on the supposed date divides all time into B.C. (Before Christ )and A.D. ( a Latin phrase, Anno Domini, "in the year of our Lord.") For the first 300 years, Jesus' birthday was celebrated on different dates. Finally, in the year 354, church leaders chose December 25 as his birthday.