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  I'm very glad to join in the interviw.First,let me introduce myself to you.My name is Lin YA Qian,I'm 20 years old,I come from Zhe Jiang,and I'm an outgoing girl,I like philosophy and sport.Oh yes,I hope that I can do something for the Beijing Olympics.If you give me the great chance,I won't let you disappoint.Ok,that's all.I hope that you are satisfied with me,thank you!



  My respected professors:

  Good morning! First I wanna say it’s my honor to be here and I’m glad to introduce myself. My name is..., ...years old and I come from ..., a very beautiful city famous for the ... . In July I’ll get my bachelor’s degree at... university and my major is ... .

  Then it comes to my hobbies and interests. In my spare time, I like listening to music and playing badminton. English is also my favorite. All these activities enrich my spare time. During the four years in my university, I have been studying very hard and I was granted the scholarship every semester. Through the four years study, I have mastered the basic skills of .... . And I have developed interests in this area.

  Now please allow me to introduce my characters. Well, I am a Leo, Leo people is sensitive and like to imagine, and my imaginative qualities will help me in the future research.

  Besides,I am an energetic , active girl . I like new experiences and experiments. There is a saying: sharpening the axe will not interfere with the cutting of firewood. And I think one must have a good master of professional knowledge that can face the keen competition. That’s why I chose to continue my study.

  I have been longing for Wuhan University for years because I think it has the best Printing major, just like an army we have most brilliant soldiers and notable leaders. I admire the professors very much and I want to further my study under the influence of them. Then the students here is dedicated to studying .Its environment is favorable for students to work hard.

  Wuhan University is very beautiful. The campus is widely known as one of the most beautiful universities in China. It is heavily wooded and green, with fragrant flowers everywhere all the year-round. To live in the university is comfortable.

  Wuhan University enjoyed a very high academic status with lots of outstanding graduates. I hope I can get the opportunity to continue the postgraduate courses in this famous university.

  That’s all, thank you for your time and attention.


  Distinguished judges, teachers, good morning!

  I am eleventh groups of 15 players, a bachelor's degree in the specialty of biological technology. Since childhood, I determined to become an outstanding teacher of the people, can help children answering questions, remove the obstacles on the road of study. I have strict demands on themselves, enhance their own quality, in order to be the future can go to the three platform, complete own ideal, to help more children to achieve their dreams. I will be in the three aspects I participate in the biology teacher qualification exam interview has the advantage:

  One of my university studies undergraduate professional biotechnology, through the system of basic biological knowledge and experimental skills of learning, for my future learning students encountered biological problems answering questions provide a theoretical basis.

  Two, during the University, I actively participate in social practice, sunshine education, teachers occupation skill training and other activities for providing me with rich practical experience, so I had a chance to combine theory and practice, can be of any problems occurring in the classroom to calm.

  Three, based on the pedagogy, educational psychology, learning system of teachers occupation morality, I have a deeper understanding of the teachers, and the honor of this year through the teacher qualification examination. If I can pass the interview today, so I will take practical action to practice the spirit of dedication to a teacher in the end. Even if I don't pass, I have strict demands on themselves, make their own teachers from standard a little closer, a little closer. Today, I want to tell the people from the contents of senior high school biology course XXXX, following the start of my teaching link.


  Good morning, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Yu Chen. It is really a great honor to get this opportunity for an interview. I'd like to answer whatever you may raise, and I hope I can make a good performance today, eventually I would be employed by this prestigious company as soon as possible. Now I'll introduce myself briefly. I'm 27 years old in September of this year. I was born and grew up in Beijing. I have engaged in some jobs in different fields, for example, estate agents, front desk attendant, telephone sales, course consultant, and part-job as a translator.

  I started my career in the second year of my college in 20_. While I graduated from the Beijing Foreign Study University in January, 20_, I had a lot of experiences of society and jobs, especially the course consultant. I have introduced our courses to my customers, and have signed about five contacts per month. I have took in some compats and checked them in our hotel during the 20_ Beijing Olympic Games. I have translated some files and tables of business and some social comments.

  All of them, which are not only my achievements of jobs in the past years, but also the valuable experiences of my life. Today, I'm here, ladies and gentlemen. I'm glad to see you; I'm glad to share my experiences of jobs and society with you; I'm glad to receive your informing to have this interview; and I also glad to get your employment notice in the following days as soon as possible. Shall we stop here? Thank you for your time and listening.


  I graduated from jinan university with a master's degree. After graduation, I worked in technology management and education. Once a chance encounter with peace, only then truly realized the true connotation of insurance, realized the value of work. Therefore, I resolutely quit my previous education job and devoted myself to the insurance business, so as to ensure the safety of more people and families.

  Insurance marketing is a relay of love, the more advanced the technology risk the higher the probability of the accident is the so-called surprise is everywhere, but the risk can be effectively transferred to the insurance company, let oneself have a guarantee, at the same time of close relatives is also a reflection of the sense of responsibility. To choose insurance, consider three problems: first, choose a better insurance company; Second, whether the policy is suitable for you; The third is the service of the salesman. I am very sincere, very willing to help others, will be for my every customer to provide the best quality, most professional service, to see their clients for helping me and smile, say thank you of that a moment, his joy is words can't describe, it's about my work and service in one of the best returns. How can I introduce myself?


  i think one of the things i have been talking about, the mentorship, we have so many services. there is score, offices manned by retired executives, or executives lending their time to advise on business programs, web design, to kind of walk youthrough how you can expand and scale your business. small business development centers are also available. you can go to any of those district offices, 68 around the country. those areeven more bountiful in the district offices in every state. you cango to sba.gov and look at the different modules. you can self-study. lots of tools are available.one of the things i got excited about in early discussionswith ms. mcmahon about the capacity of sba, most people think of it along the lines of capital. availability of capital, and how they can support businesses in that regard. these mentorship opportunities are very impactful. as i meet with entrepreneurs,consistently they talk about what is the biggest barriers to scaling a business is lack of mentorship opportunities. that is what made the difference in terms of execution on their ideas.first of all, congratulations on now being a small business owner and job creator. thank you for your service prior to that as a firefighter. my advice to you would be to look at the whole ecosystem as you think about how to start this business for thefirst time . l

  isten to a lot of people, including people who say your ideas are bad. internalize that feedback. ultimately, i think that thinking through and bringing on partners, and people that can complement your skill set and help you to think about theexecution of your business plan is critical as you think aboutscale any meaningful way. in addition to utilizing resources,getting feedback, from people about the idea and the concept, think about how you can supplement your team to complement the skill set that you have.

  any other questions? ok.